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IT Security News

Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Now Available

The Cornell IT Security Office (ITSO) recently acquired Rapid7 AppSpider Enterprise for web application vulnerability scanning. The AppSpider Enterprise console allows users to perform an array of web application vulnerability management tasks, such as: Initiating scans Reviewing reports Assigning...

IT Security Alerts

Security Alert: Update Windows Now - New Vulnerability Announced (Jul 20, 2015)

A new vulnerability has been announced in all versions of the Windows operating system. This vulnerability (MS15-078) allows malicious parties to compromise Windows systems through a specially-crafted document or by visiting a webpage that contains embedded OpenType fonts.

All Windows systems should be updated with the latest version of Windows software updates as soon as possible.

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Get Help for IT
Security Problems

NetID password compromise - what to do if you suspect your NetID password has been stolen:

  1. Change your password immediately. Contact the IT Service Desk if you can't change your password.
  2. Report the incident immediately to

Computer compromise - what to do if you suspect your system has been hacked or downloaded a virus:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and/or unplug your ethernet (disconnect from the network).
  2. Contact the IT Service Desk for help (phone 607 255-5500 or visit 119 Computing and Communications Center).