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The Computer Security at Cornell: Secure Your Computer On and Off Campus e-book is no longer available in PDF form. However, all of the information it contained is still online here.

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It takes more than antivirus software to safeguard Cornell’s computing resources and data. It takes you. Taking steps to secure your computer not only helps keep your data safe, it demonstrates your commitment to protecting the university network and all data created, stored, and shared over the network by the campus community. Read more

Keeping your computer secure takes vastly less time than recovering from a security problem. If your computer is compromised, you will likely lose access to it for at least a few hours, possibly days. You may also lose any work you did since your computer was last backed up.

Note: With new opportunities to store data on the cloud (on non-Cornell servers) it's important that the Cornell community take steps to protect personal and institutional data.  Go to Data and Identity Protection in the Cloud for issues and information.

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Hurricane Sandy, Relief Scams

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, please apply a critical eye and do due diligence before giving to anyone soliciting donations on behalf of hurricane victims.

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