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SkillSoft Online Learning

SkillSoft offers over 2000 courses and 30 certificates, including business writing skills, communication skills, computer skills, leadership skills, office skills, presentation skills, problem-solving skills, supervisory skills, teamwork skills and time management and organization skills.

SkillSoft Quick Reference

Accessing Courses:

  1. Click on the Catalog tab (The Catalog page is displayed)
  2. Click on the arrow to expand the listing to view a Curriculum (The listing expands to show series of courses.)
  3. Click on the arrow to expand the listing to view a Series
  4. Click on a Course name (The Course Information Page is displayed.)
  5. From the top of the Course Information page, click on Play this course (The course will open in a separate window.)

Navigating Business Skills courses:

  1. Click Start to begin the course
  2. Click arrow to page forward in the course (The page control buttons are only active when you are playing course content or actively taking assessments.)
  3. Click back arrow to page backward in the course
  4. Click Course Menu to access the course menu screen (Here you can access the course Lessons, Topics, Preassessments and Mastery Assessments.)
    • Use the blue arrows to expand and collapse the Course Menu.
    • To play content from the Course Menu click the Lesson, Topic, or Assessment title.
  5. Click Return to Bookmark to return to your last place in the course.

Navigating IT courses (e3 content):

  1. Click Start Course to start the course from the beginning (When you launch a course, the course map is displayed. This map provides information about the course and lists its topics. To start an individual topic, click its title in the list.)
  2. Click the Previous Topic or Next Topic buttons to move from topic to topic (If a button is grayed out, you cannot navigate in that direction. If no other topics are available, the buttons are not displayed)
  3. The arrow buttons move you forward and back a screen within the topic
  4. To return to the course map at any stage, click the Course Map button (The course map shows the topic's place in the course hierarchy.)
  5. Click a number on the Learning point navigation bar to move to the start of that learning point (Clicking the Objective link returns you to the start of the current topic.)

Navigating IT courses (Classic content):

  1. Click the Unit title to view the topics within that unit (When you first start a course, the course map is displayed. From the course map, you can choose to run the course from the beginning, or jump into the course at any unit, topic, or screen of your choice.)
  2. Double click the topic title to start the topic at the beginning screen for that topic.
  3. The arrow buttons enable you to navigate forward and back through a course. (Once you enter a topic, the Smart Controls are displayed by default in the right-hand side of the screen -- either fixed or as a floating control palette.)
  4. The Navigate button takes you to the course map screen.

Navigating SkillSims:

There are several ways to advance through a simulation:

  • Select specific choice text (Choice text options are available to you as you progress through the simulation. Usually, the response choices are either actions you can take or dialog to respond to another character.)
  • Choose to use an active resource on the desktop or from the Simulation Player Menu (Resources that are available to you at a given point in the simulation are called Active Resources. They appear as clickable items in the interface (a picture of a phone, computer, folder files, etc.))
  • Click on the previous button located near the top-right of the simulation interface. (The button allows you to page back through the simulation screens.)