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CIT Training offers monthly workshops on office productivity tools and essential computer skills; most are free or have a nominal fee to cover print costs for the workshop workbooks. Technical courses and workshops for IT professionals are all fee-based. You must register for all courses and workshops during the enrollment period.

CIT Training also offers customized training. Any Cornell University unit or CIT department can request training.

Complete descriptions of the courses and workshops, along with contact information, can be found at

To receive training announcements, send an email, with the subject: Join

Featured Training

Spotlight: Microsoft Word - Styles, Templates and QuickParts via WebEx - $59

Microsoft Word has a wide range of built-in features to help you create documents faster and more easily. Tools like templates, styles and quick parts can help speed you along. Plus they will help your documents look great! This workshop is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to streamline the creation and formatting of your Word documents.

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