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How to Scrub Files (Redact)

When you scrub (sometimes called redact) files in Identity Finder, the original file is saved in the original location, but the instance of confidential data is masked. Redacting does not erase the file and it is not the same as encrypting a file.

You can scrub the following types of files:

  • Office 2007 
  • Text files, such as .txt or .log

If the data is in a file type that can't be scrubbed using Identity Finder, you can open the file and remove the data yourself.

Scrub Files using Identity Finder

  1. If necessary, start Identity Finder by double-clicking the icon. icon
    To open a saved results file, click the Identity Finder application menu, and then either click Open and browse for the file, or click the file name in the Recent Results list.

    app button

  2. In the scan results file, highlight the data you want to scrub, and then click Scrub.
    Note: You have to scrub each instance of data in a file. For example, if a file includes 110 social security numbers, you'll need to scrub each one individually.


  3. In the Scrub window, click Yes.

    2scrub confirm

  4. Click OK.

    2scrub okay