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How to Install Identity Finder: Macintosh

Warning check before installing: Some departments and units are delivering pre-configured copies of the software. Be sure to check with your local technical support provider before installing.

Upgrade Installation? Always install new versions of Identity Finder from this page. The version of Identity Finder on this page includes pre-configured settings not present in the versions available directly from Identity Finder.

Install Identity Finder: Macintosh

  1. If you have already installed Identity Finder, uninstall the previous version. Use the Uninstall procedure.
  2. Download the Identity Finder installer from
  3. If you are asked to save the file, click Save File.
    The IdentityFinder.dmg file is saved on your computer.
  4. The file may open automatically. If not, locate the file and then double-click IdentityFinder.dmg.
    (Unless you specified a different location, the file is located in your Downloads folder.)
  5. Double-click the IdentityFinder.mpkg file.

    The Identity Finder installer starts.

  6. OS X v. 10.8 (Mountain Lion): You may see a message that the application can't be opened because it's from an unidentified developer.  ("New App" in the image will show the name of the application you're actually trying to open.)

    In this case, right-click (or CTRL + click) the "package" icon, and then select Open. In the next screen, click Open. If prompted, enter the user name and password.

  7. Follow the instructions to install Identity Finder.
    If you are asked to enter your password, enter the admin password for your computer. This is the password you use when you're installing software, not your NetID password.