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Wiping Data from a Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, your information and accounts may be at risk. Some devices (those with ActiveSync capabilities, see list below) allow you to "wipe" your data remotely.

Big Important Warnings

Wiping your data is a big deal. An accidental wipe will make you very sad. We hope you are making regular backups of your data.

The definition of "wipe" depends on your specific device AND the service provider you use.

  • In almost all cases, all the information related to your Cornell Office 365 account will be deleted.
  • In some cases, other data such as music and photos will be deleted.
  • In some cases your device will be returned to new-from-the-factory condition.
  • And, in some cases, your device will be rendered inoperable until you physically take it to your service provider for them to re-animate.

We STRONGLY recommend that you contact your service provider BEFORE undertaking the steps described here. Once you have initiated a wipe, you cannot cancel it.


The following devices can be wiped remotely if they have been configured to work with your Cornell Office 365 account.

  • Android devices (running Android OS 2.2 or greater)
  • Windows Mobile devices
  • Windows Phone
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Palm devices
  1. Open your browser to and login using your address and NetID password.
  2. Click Options (near the top right of the browser tab), then select See All Options.
  3. In the pane on the left, click Phone. All mobile devices (except BlackBerry devices) associated with your Office 365 account will be displayed.
  4. Select your device in the list shown. (If you have only one device, it will already be selected.)
  5. Click Wipe Device.
  6. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog box.