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Office 365 Email and Calendar on Android Devices

These instructions explain how to access your Cornell Office 365 email and calendar with an Android device.

Because Android devices from different carriers and manufacturers have differing user interfaces and features, we are unable to provide detailed step-by-step instructions. The basic information below, combined with instructions from your carrier, should get you connected.

Basic Information

We strongly recommend that, when it comes to your calendar, you only use your mobile device for viewing, not accepting or declining meetings.

Use Outlook or OWA to accept or decline meetings.

  • Server:
  • Domain: <leave this field blank>
    Newer devices may not allow you to leave the Domain field blank. If your device requires something here, use
    substituting your own NetID. For example,\
    Be sure to include the backslash at the beginning.
  • Email address:
    substituting your own NetID. For example,
    (The "Reply-to" address on messages you send will be set to whatever you chose as your primary email address in WhoIAm.)
  • Username:
    substituting your own NetID. For example,
  • Password: your NetID password


Carrier Information

The links we provide here go to the vendors' sites. If they change their sites, the links may break. Please use the Feedback link at the bottom of this page to let us know if this happens to you.

Cornell University contracts with two wireless carriers (Verizon Wireless and AT&T) to provide the Cornell community with discounted rates on cell service. Below are links to support documentation for devices purchased from the contracted carriers. Click on the link below for your carrier, and select your device.


Select your phone or device. Verizon's setup instructions come in two different formats (depending on when they were created). The Exchange setup directions will be found under Set Up Corporate Email or Email Setup then Microsoft Exchange Setup.



Select your device type, brand, and model. The Exchange setup instructions will be found under Step-by-Step Tutorials. Select E-mail, then Configure Corporate E-mail.



Other Carriers

Please visit your carrier's support site to find documentation for your device. Use the Basic information (above).