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Overview of Email at Cornell

Cornell provides email and calendar services to faculty, staff, students, and retirees.

About Student Email

For undergraduates, graduate students, and professional students, email and calendar services are provided by Cmail, powered by Google Apps Education Edition

Students automatically receive a Cmail account when they activate their Cornell NetID. Graduate students also have the option to use an Office 365 email and calendar account, in addition to their Cmail account.

About Email for Alumni

Starting with the Class of 2009, students who had a Cmail account when they graduated can continue to use it, without taking any action, for as long as Google offers the service.

Students who graduated before 2009, or who did not have a Cmail account when they graduated, can use Cornell's email forwarding service to direct their "" messages to another email account they have. Please see the Alumni Email Forwarding page for details.

About Faculty and Staff Email

For faculty and staff, email and calendar services are provided through Microsoft's Office 365 service.


Some colleges and departments operate their own, independent email systems. Specific information, help, and instructions are available from those colleges and departments.

About Email for Retirees

Faculty and staff who retire from Cornell can continue to use their Cornell email address. This service is one of the retirement benefits provided by the university.

Email Applications Supported by CIT

Office 365 Email and Calendar

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Connect Across Cornell

Cornell Lync is enterprise instant messaging and web conferencing for faculty, students, and staff.