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Audio/Video Production for Courses

CIT Supported

Video and audio recording services are available to instructors on a limited basis at no charge for instructional uses. Instructional uses are defined as those activities associated with a course listed in the University course roster.

Audio / Video Services for courses include:

AV Production

Academic Technology staff produce high quality recording for one-time events like guest speakers, field trips, or documentation of research.

Lecture Capture

  • Panopto is a self-service, no cost service that is available to instructors. Panopto enables instructors to easily record lectures at their desk or podium using a webcam and microphone for online distribution to students.
  • MediaSite is hardware based and has a cost associated with using it.  MediaSite is usually used to record entire courses for distance learning  efforts and produces high quality recordings in a Cornell-branded interface.  Use of MediaSite needs to be scheduled before the semester starts since set up is required along with a technician to do the recording. MediaSite uses a camera in the classroom and can capture interactions and use of a white board.
  • VideoNote is an outside vendor that will record the lectures in a course and post them on the internet.   For early planners, subsidies may be available for this fee-based service.

Web Collaboration

Cornell's free web conferencing service, WebEx, provides on-demand, real-time, collaborative web meetings and conferencing. As part of Cornell's campus-wide license,  faculty and staff can schedule meetings that anyone can participate or present in. Once the meeting has begun, hosting authority can be transferred to any participant.


Consultations are available to help instructors determine which service to use for their AV needs.  To get started, visit the Request Form for Instructional Services or contact

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