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Confluence Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues

Log in to Confluence at:

How do I retrieve my Confluence password? (Alternatively:  I'm using WebDAV and/or Office Connector.  What are the steps to obtain my Confluence password?)

To retrieve the Confluence password, go to the login screen and choose Forgot Password in the bottom right corner.

On the next page, enter your username.  For Cornell Weill users and for non-Cornellians, this will be your e-mail address.  After submitting this page, Confluence will send you a newly generated password via email.  Once you receive that, you should be able to login with it.  

Once logged in, we strongly recommend that you navigate to the Edit My Profile page at: and change your password to something you can remember.

Can anyone see my updates that appear on the dashboard?
Confluence applies the same security to the recently updated content list on the dashboard as it does elsewhere, so content that is secured will not show up for users that do not have rights to view it.

FAQ for Space Administrators

How do I give someone access to my space?

You need to access the Manage Users tab.  The steps to access the tab will differ depending if you are using the Confluence default theme, the Cornell default theme or an Adaptavist theme.

  1. Within your space,
    1. Click Browse Space >Manage Users OR
    2. Click Space >Manage Users  OR
    3. Click Edit >Administration >Space Administration
  2. Click on the Confluence Group you wish to add users in.
  3. Enter all users you want to grant access separating each with a comma.
  4. FOR CORNELLIANS: make sure to enter their netIDs.
  5. FOR NON-CORNELLIANS: make sure to enter email addresses.
  6. Once added, you must direct first-time NON-CORNELLIANS users to retrieve their password by going to the login screen and choosing the Forgot Password link. The system will then randomly generate a password for them and send it to their email address.

For complete information, see How to for Space Administrators.

How do I request a new group?
Each space is created with two default groups:

  1. confluence-<spacekey>-users - for users who have read/write access to content in the space
  2. confluence-<spacekey>-admins - for administrators of the space

If you would like a new group in addition to these two, please request it via the Support Request Form.
Please make sure that you list the full name for this group and its purpose.

How do I create mailing lists for Confluence users?
To set up a team mailing list, see Configure a Mail Archive

How do I point a URL Domain Name at a space?
Many people want to point a domain name at their space. For example, points at and re-directs to  To take advantage of this, please submit a request to Include the following in your email, replacing <mydomain> with the domain name that you have set up, and <YOURKEY> with the key for your space:

Please set up a domain name redirect so that this URL: http://<mydomain>
redirects to my Confluence space at:<YOURKEY>

How do I reset a missing space home page?

You need to access the Space Admin tab.  The steps to access the tab will differ depending if you are using the Confluence default theme, the Cornell default theme or an Adaptavist theme.

  1. Within your space,
    1. Click Browse Space >Space Admin OR
    2. Click Space  >Space Admin  OR
    3. Click Edit >Administration >Space Administration

Click on Edit Space Details.  Select a new Home Page for your space.

How do I recover a deleted page(s) in a space?
When you delete a page, Confluence puts that page in your space's trash bin. You can actually restore the page from your trash if you have not specifically deleted it from your space's trash bin as well. To restore a page from trash, Go to Browse Space > SpaceAdmin and click on Trash. Click the Restore link on the line of the page you want to restore.


How do I delete a space?
If you are a space administrator, it is possible to remove your space entirely via the Space Administration panel.  If you have any doubt whether or not there is content in the space that you may want to keep, it would be wise to take a full-space export prior to deleting the space.  Once it is removed we cannot recover it.


The Remove Space link is found under Browse Space > Space Admin.

Known Issues

Direct links from MS Office 2007 documents do not work
There is a known issue with certain Microsoft Office 2007 document types (Word and Excel) which prevents links into protected Confluence pages from working. The problem is that MS Office sends an initial request behind the scenes and is returned a login page. It is then this login page that MS Office launches in the user's browser, resulting in an error. The error is displayed regardless of whether the user is actually logged in and has access to the page (the login page expects only to be called from a page the user actually does not have access to). There is a workaround for Cornell’s current version of Confluence, but it has not yet been applied:

Fixing an unrenderable page
Sometimes page content can cause rendering to fail (e.g. a macro throws an exception), and you will not be able to access the edit link to actually edit the page and fix the content. You can use this process to get to the edit page link:

  1. Determine the pageId of the page using the page-info macro (on some other page)
  2. Manually enter the explicit edit url for the page:
  3. From here you should be able to edit the page and fix the cause of the rendering error (often removing a particular usage of a macro)

Can't See the Rich Text Editor

Mac Computer: The Rich Text Editor is not available in Safari and Chrome.

PC Computer:

  • In Internet Explorer 8/9,  you may need to click on the Compatibility Mode icon (at right) compatibility button
    next to the address line in order to see the Rich Text Editor. 
  • In Chrome, you will need to install the IE Tab extension.  To do so, visit Google's page on Chrome Extensions.  You will see a page with the following information:


Click Install and when asked if you wish to install, click Install to confirm.  After the installation completes, you will need to click on the IE tab icon. eLogo
You will be asked to log into Confluence again since this is the first time using the IE tab in this session.

Office Connector {viewfile} macro does allow editing on pages with certain titles
The {viewfile} macro provided in the Office Connector plugin does not work on pages with titles containing certain non-alphanumeric characters. Ampersand is one of these characters. If you find that the {viewfile} macro does not allow editing of a certain document, try moving the attachment to a page with only alphanumeric (and dash, underscore, and space) characters in its title, and using the full syntax to specify the attachment. e.g.:


WebDAV read-only with Microsoft Office on Mac OS X
Editing via WebDAV (using Microsoft Office) will not function on Mac OS X.  Office Connector will only provide read, not edit, capability. On a Mac, you will need to install OpenOffice for Edit to work. You can download and install OpenOffice for FREE from the following website:

You will also need to know your Confluence Password (which is different from your NETID password) in order to open Office documents via WebDAV. You can obtain this password by clicking on the Forgot Password? link on the main Confluence login screen. We also suggest changing your Confluence password to match your NETID password, so that you do not have to remember two different ones for Confluence.

WebDav and Firefox
You will need to install an add-on into Firefox and when doing so, you may get an error message that the WebDAV Launcher Plugin is not compatible with your version of Firefox.  If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. Type "about:config" in the address bar of your browser
  2. Right click in the table that displays
  3. Choose new in the menu and boolean in the dropdown menu
  4. Name the new preference extensions.checkCompatibility.<version> with the value False
    1. You can find Firefox version by selecting About Mozilla Firefox from the Help Menu
    2. Example: For Firefox version 3.6.2, the preference name is extensions.check.Compatibility.3.6
  5. Restart your Firefox

For more information about the disabling of extension compatibility checking, see Mozilla's information at

{Tasklist} macro not working when using an Adaptavist theme

  1. Access your space
  2. From the menu bar, click on Edit
  3. From the menu that drops down, click Administration
  4. From the sub menu, click Edit Layout
  5. In the Edit layout window, there is a tab along the top named JS, within that tab there is an option to Edit Javascript. Click on this option.
  6. An empty window appears. Copy and paste the following code into the empty box:
  7. Select OK and save the layout changes.

From here, {Tasklist} macro can be used within this layout.

Content by Label Macro does not work across my Space

If the Content by Label macro does not show all of the labels across your space, you may need to check that you have set the space-key parameter correctly. 

Note: The space-key parameter IS case-sensitive. So, make sure that you have entered your space-key correctly.