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Bear Access

Due to low demand, resource allocation priorities, and less need since the retirement of the CornellC mainframe, CIT has discontinued packaging and distribution of terminal emulation and Telnet client software previously available through the Bear Access web site. There also have been some changes in handling of FTP software, please see below for details.

Since the remaining programs associated with Bear Access (Symantec Endpoint Protection, Kerberos, Thunderbird, Fetch, and FileZilla) are available through other Cornell IT Service sites and generally downloaded individually, CIT retired the Bear Access name and website on November 30, 2012. 

Applications no longer packaged by CIT can still be obtained from other sources:

The following applications continue to be available through Cornell IT Service sites:

As another option, these applications will be included in the upcoming Managed Desktop service: 

Other software resources:
For software that has broad appeal across campus and enough users to take advantage of volume licensing, CU Software provides software acquisition and license management services: