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AV Services

CIT Supported

Faculty looking for video services for instruction, such as classroom capture, should visit the Course AV service site.

A full range of audio-video services is available at Cornell.  These include:

Video Streaming

MediaSite is a hardware-based system that allows you to deliver interactive live and on-demand video to any user on any screen. It takes into account viewers' device and available bandwidth and provides many customizable player templates and options for interactivity. 

MediaSite is often used for things like recording entire courses for distance learning efforts. It produces high-quality recordings in a Cornell-branded interface. It uses a camera in the classroom or conference room, so it is well suited for capturing interactions and use of a white board. MediaSite requires AV staff support, as well as time to set up and therefore needs to be scheduled in advance. To get started with MediaSite, contact the IT Service Desk.

Video Hosting

There are two types of video hosting available. Which one is more appropriate depends on the needs and requirements.

  • Cornell's Video on Demand Service enables any university faculty or staff member to upload and store a small number of videos and provides embed code for streaming of the videos to a web venue of their choice. This centrally provided service is meant for short-term, occasional use.
    Learn more about Video on Demand.
  • Cornell's Video Platform Service is a centrally provided system for university departments and groups to store, archive, catalog, and publish large numbers of videos and other media collections for the web.
    Learn more about the Video Platform Service.

Web Conferencing

Cornell's free web conferencing service, WebEx, provides on-demand, real-time, collaborative web meetings and conferencing. As part of Cornell's campuswide license,  faculty and staff can schedule meetings that anyone can participate or present in.
For more information, see the Web Conferencing site.

Video Conferencing

On June 6, the Video Conferencing Infrastructure is moving to a new virtual environment. If after this date your video conferencing system is no longer connected to the video gatekeeper or you receive a "Login Failed. Unable to Connect to server" error with Jabber Video, changing your settings may help.

AV Design and Consulting

AV Design and Consulting helps integrate the use of audio-visual technologies in Cornell’s meeting, learning, and research facilities.
For more information, see the service website.

Event Support and Media Production

Video recording, sound reinforcement, webcasting, and related AV support services are available at package rates or a la carte. For details and contact information, see the Event Support and Media Production website.

Digital Signage

CUView is a centrally supported digital signage service, which allows departments to display their own local information on flat-panel information screens in locations of their choice. Digital signs will be used to display official news, information, and instructions during campus emergencies.
For more information, see the CUView site.

A Service For...

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