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Scheduled Service Change
Maintenance: Upgrade the Compellent Storage array code

Date: May 1, 2011, 07:00 AM
Duration: Until 05/01/2011 at 12:00 PM

Status: Closed


We will be upgrading the Compellent Storage Center array code from version 4.5.5 to 5.4.4. This is part of an ongoing effort to keep our storage arrays current as well as add new features and performance enhancements

Services Impacted:

    We expect this to be a non-disruptive code update with zero downtime to the services using this array. However, the servers will see momentary disruptions of up to 20 seconds as luns failover to the backup controller. For most servers this has not been an issue.

    adminapp-old Special purpose mail server for administrative applications
    alder Jira
    almond Fedora
    alva01 adminapp future replacement
    alva02 adminapp future replacement
    amaretto Production Operations Manager (Monitoring Exchange/Active Directory)
    arxiv1 Old main machine. Not currently use as part of the production system.
    arxiv2 Web Interface # 2 for is DNS name used by public.
    arxiv3 mysql Db server used by the main server for DeviceArxiv4, and replicated to DeviceArxiv2
    arxiv4 Main web interface for e-print archive. The DNS name is used by public accessing. This machine also sends and receives email for the domain. Depends upon DeviceArxiv3 for mysql db.
    aspen Course Mgt Server(prod)
    bayberry IS sandbox (play area), prototyping, etc
    bluebeech Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition test server (OBIEE)
    boxelder Fedora
    buckeye Various Cynergy environments (prod, test, dev) - highly available application servers
    buckthorn Various Cynergy environments (prod, test, dev) - highly available application servers
    bugbane Sun V240 for Remedy project Remedy app test server
    canna test !!!! Blackboard web server (online Course Management system)
    cars Pinnacle Report Server
    catalpa <nop>RedHat and Solaris build/patch infrastructure. Server Farm DHCP server.
    chestnut Messaging External Mailhub
    china2 Network engineering - Netflow collection - data of record /TSM archive
    cleome PS/STARS test/production
    corktree CUInfo
    crabapple production web-application server
    crabtree LAMP Hosting Production MySQL Databases
    crocus test !!!! Blackboard web server (online Course Management system)
    dahlia Solaris 10 Build Testing
    dandelion IS Infrastructure Sandbox
    diehard1 Sharepoint Application Server
    diehard3 Cal move server
    diehard4 Calendar Migration; Mailbox Server
    dogwood Maven server <nop>Maven repository server none
    dune7 Test Oracle DBA-DW Server
    elder Sun Oracle RAC, test hosting service
    elm University Blog Server Pilot
    fuschia Solaris 10 x64 development system
    geranium Solaris 10 Build Testing
    gladiator AAP File server and domain controller
    hawthorn security office utilities; vulnerability scanning
    heath Oracle Grid Prod DB Server
    hemlock no description in /www/nocdocs/htdocs/data/Device/DeviceHemlock.txt, this does not process INCLUDEs
    hermes2 Development system for e-list service Test machine for Todd Olson (e-lists, news, etc.)
    hoptree FIT & CT application development.
    hornbeam CUInfo
    irobot SRI web surveys, using !ColdFusion, mysql
    ironwood Production hosting of web-based FIT applications and internal CT tools.
    kingkong1 Admissions Test Web
    kingkong2 Admissions Test Imaging Server Imagenow, JRun
    kingkong3 Admissions prod Imaging server Imagenow, JRun
    lavender S&O internal infrastructure server. Runs cfengine, sfam, sfinfo, mksysb, primary securid
    legal2 Law School web site, library storage, computation
    library27 Beach Stack (Development Server)
    library28 windows server
    library3 Library development server
    library30 Library Win2K3R2 staff file server
    library32 Project Euclid, !, CIP Production Server Apache, <nop>DPubS (mod_perl)
    library34 Large Scale Digitalization Infrastructure projectLSDI storage server
    library35 Library staging (dev/test) server
    library36 Library Production LUNA server
    library37 Institutional Respository (eCommons@Cornell)
    library38 Test/Dev version of eCommons@Cornell
    library39 library zmath mathematics archive server
    library4 Library Sun server ezproxy server
    library40 Media Archive - Digital Repository
    library42 Digital Collections (DLXS, MOA, CDSUN & EMIS)
    library48 Digital Collections (Vet, arts, Glopad, eship, RMC)
    library49 Library Archival Repository (CULAR)
    library6 Library LTS Tools and Logs System
    limestone2 Development machine to build software for WebMail
    limestone3 Mailhub
    limestone4 cyrus router box
    limestone5 cyrus router box
    limestone6 cyrus router box
    limestone7 cyrus router box
    limestone8 Development machine webmail
    madmax IWS Web Timesheets
    magnolia Centralized DBMS (MySQL) cluster
    mallow PS/STARS test/production
    mallrats Mallrats is used to host an office document repository system
    maple Security dept log analysis server, storage, analysis, delivery of logs from various CIT sources
    maverick Purchasing Datamart
    mothra Survey Research Institute Server
    msgsandpile1 MSG Migration server
    myrtle Course Web Server Course Technologies Dynamic Web Hosting Environment
    narnia Protocol submission and review, Procurement & Census of Campus Wide Research Animals
    nettle PS/STARS test/production
    officespace CIT FS file server for CIT staff
    orion Storage farm management server
    oxalis Test/Dev DB Server, apex
    pagoda3 Test Machine for x86_64 and RHEL Clustering
    palm CUInfo
    parsley PS/STARS test/production
    pawpaw External Mail Hub
    perch PACS Image archive for Cornell Univ Hosp for Animals
    piecherry Computational Biology Research
    pistachio Production web and database (MSSQL) server
    poplar LAMP Hosting Development/Test MySQL databases.
    poppy External Mail Router
    predator Test machine for Pinnacle and Primavera
    primrose IS/Infrastructure dev: PS testing, CVS backup, samba
    rosemary PS/STARS test/production
    ruby Net News service, newsstand Usenet news server
    salvia PS/STARS test/production
    sandstone2 Sun Oracle RAC, test hosting service
    sandstone3 IS/Infrastructure: CVS repository
    sandstone4 Faculty Innovation in Teaching Server FIT dev and prod
    scream3 Streaming Video (scream3)
    scream4 Special Event Streaming Video ( scream4
    sedum PS/STARS test/production
    shale2 NUBB Nettrack DEVELOPMENT
    shale4 Apex Dev/Test
    smoketree Flash Media Streaming Server
    soapstone1 External Mailhub SMTP
    sourwood Internal Oracle testing for the DBA team.
    spiraea Blackboard test app server
    spruce Oracle Rac Server Data Warehouse test -- Spruce Sumac rac cluster
    spurge Cybertower development-test server
    sumac Oracle Rac Server Data Warehouse test -- Spruce Sumac rac cluster
    tacoma <nop>HeinOnline, replacement of teal and redwood
    teal new server
    thistle PS/STARS test/production
    thornapple External Mail Hub
    thyme PS/STARS test/production
    tin Sun DBA test server DBA tests
    topaz1 Test E-lists Oracle Database
    topaz3 E-list services and Bulk mail services
    tremors Tremors us used to server the IP Management database application.
    veronica Webmail and Uportal SMTP server
    violet Test DB Server PeopleSoft databases
    walnut Messaging External Mailhub
    wisteria Email.
    yarrow PS/STARS test/production
    yucca NOC Staff fileserver and NOC mail server

    List of VM's that are using the Compellent

    allegro01 Load Balancer Test Server
    calgary01 Oracle Calendar SDK Proxy Service
    calgary02 CUFS service (file upload/download)
    calgary03 Test CUFS service (file upload/download)
    calgary04 Network software development and configuration management repository
    calgary06 Alumni Affairs & Development Imaging
    cornwall01 Development Web server for S&O Public Facing documentation
    halifax01 VMware test container for Solaris 10
    hamilton01 Administrative databases
    london02 <font face="Verdana, Helvetica, Arial">Pictor database file server</font>
    ottawa01 Symantec Ghost console for ATC Lab
    ottawa02 Pinnacle CIT Billing
    ottawa03 This is the generic page for virtual machines in the Canada cluster. If you're seeing this page, !NocDocs is not properly set up for this node. Please contact the System Administrator Oncall for follow-up.
    ottawa04 CIT Print Queue Server.
    sf-dess01 No such file or directory
    sf-sandend01 Pilot Sharepoint SQL Server
    sf-sandwick01 Sharepoint
    sf-sandwick02 Sharepoint
    winnipeg02 Test Server for Kronos

Anticipated User Impact:

We do not expect any outages as a result of this change.

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