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Identity Theft Resources

Web site Name Web site URL Resource description
Identity Theft Presentation PowerPoint show
The official presentation
Federal Trade Commission National resource to learn about the crime of identity theft
Equifax National credit reporting agency
Experian National credit reporting agency
TransUnion National credit reporting agency
Annual Credit Report Credit monitoring service that can be used to access your credit report for free up to three times per year
Cornell Spider Run Spider on your machine to find out if you have any critical data stored, such as social security numbers, bank accounts, or credit card numbers
OptOutPrescreen Go to OptOutPrescreen to opt-in or opt-out of offers for credit or insurance - Service also available at 1-888-5-OPTOUT
Federal Trade Commission - ID Theft Affidavit The ID Theft Affidavit can be downloaded, printed and used to prove to companies if you believe a new account was opened in your name, in which you did not create the debt