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How to Change Your Browser Security Settings

Use built-in security settings to make your browser harder to exploit. Choose the highest default security level. 

Note: Safari and Firefox do not include a feature equivalent to the security zones in Internet Explorer. You can modify individual browser settings to make them more secure. For more information see the Enhance Your Web Browser's Security (Browser Hardening) page.

Change the Security Settings in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer allows you to set different security levels for different security "zones." Setting the security level to Medium for the Internet zone provides safety when browsing while still allowing most web sites to function without interference. You can set the security level to High. This security level disables some options such as JavaScript which might cause trouble for some web sites.

  1. From the Tools menus, choose Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. If you see the slider control, move it to Medium. If you don't see the slider, click Default Level and then, move the slider to Medium.
  4. Click OK.