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Enhance web browser security

Improve the security of your web browser.

  • Set preferences to ensure software updating is enabled.
  • Use the built-in browser security settings.
  • Disable popups in your browser or install software that will prevent popup windows if your browser cannot block them. Popup windows can be used to run malicious software.
  • (Internet Explorer only) Disable disk caching for encrypted pages. If content you view during a secure session is stored (cached) on your computer, the content can be exposed if your computer is compromised.
  • Install add-ons/plug-ins sparingly. Examples include Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime, or the Google Toolbar. Some sites may ask you to install an add-on or plug-in so you can fully view the web site. However, the site may direct you to malware, rather than a legitimate add-on/plug-in. If you are sure you want to install an add-on, download it from the original developer. This helps to avoid malware.

Last updated 01/06/2015


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