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Securing Your Computer

“I use a Mac, so I don’t have to worry about security problems.”

Not true! Every kind of computer is vulnerable to security problems. See In the News: Updated rogue AV installs on Macs without password.

Whether you use a Macintosh or Windows computer makes no difference for one of the biggest security problems – loss or theft of your computer.

If your computer is insecure, you are putting not only your own work at risk but also that of others at Cornell.

Following the steps outlined here (see left nav) will greatly improve the overall security of your computer. All of these measures are mandated by the university’s baseline IT security requirements, and apply to all campus systems used to conduct university business.

If your department has technical support staff, consult with them about preferred practices.

Secure all operating systems on your computer!

If you have a Mac that runs Windows, make sure you secure both.