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Copyright Infringement Risks

Video: Risks of File Sharing on Cornell Networks (3 min)


Cornell University does not monitor its networks for content, but content owners aim their detection systems at campus networks, including Cornell's network, because it's the perfect “fish in a barrel” scenario:

  1. We have high-speed networks.
  2. Demographics of our residential population match those of proven fileshare users.

In particular, content owners look for peer-to-peer filesharing programs violating copyrights by distributing music, movies, television, games, or software. See How You Can Be Identified as Sharing Files.

Student Guide: How to Protect Yourself

Educate Yourself About Copyright Risks

Uninstall Fileshare Programs

Do this PRIOR to connecting to the Cornell network anywhere on campus. See How to Uninstall Fileshare Software.

Install Free Antivirus

Help protect your computer from being compromised. To download and install free antivirus, provided by Cornell, see Antivirus How to....