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Transcribing and Captioning Video for the Web

Transcription services are available from many sources. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, merely a summary of resources with whom Cornell departments have recently had good experiences.

  • Automatic Sync Technologies
    Phone: 877-AST-SYNC x717
    Direct: 216 228-9080
    Cell: 216 235-7403
    Cost of transcribing and captioning video for the web is $11.60 for 5 minutes.

  • Bakers Transcription Services
    (local - Van Etten, NY)
    Phone: 607 207-6332

  • Execuscribe (refer to Corp. Services section)

  • Numina Transcription Services, Inc.
    Madhur Dayal
    (415) 986 2230

  • Student Disability Services at Cornell
    Michele Fish
    Shura Gat
    Phone 254-4545