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Web Accessibility

The resources in this section will assist you in ensuring that materials you publish on the web are accessible to the widest possible audience, including people with the more common sensory, motor, and learning disabilities. Following the practices recommended here has the beneficial side effect of making websites more usable for everyone.

Policy Status

In the spring of 2005, the Executive Policy Review Group approved an impact statement for University Policy 5.11, Web Accessibility.  This policy, with exceptions, would require implementation of section 508 standards of the Rehabilitation Act for all official university web pages for the purpose of making these pages more accessible to people with the most common visual, hearing and motor disabilities.

In the fall of 2009 the Executive Policy Review Group failed to approve this policy. Reasons for not approving the policy included assurances from Cornell Information Technologies that 508 compliance would be included in new university-wide IT standards and that the University Disability Plan would act as a support in that effort as it goes through various stages of development within Cornell University.

For more information on this matter, please contact Steve Schuster in Cornell Information Technologies and Lynette Chappell-Williams, Chair of the Disability Plan for Cornell University.