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  • Kronos - electronic timecards for non-exempt staff
  • Workday - viewing and updating your benefits and work-related personal information, and recording time away (for exempt staff)

  • Who I Am - changing your directory listing and email preferences
  • EZ-Backup - automatically backing up your computer

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IT Service Alerts

Security Alert: Critical Vulnerability in Samba - Update Samba Now (Feb 23, 2015)

A critical vulnerability in the Samba, a popular Windows interoperability suite of programs found on Linux and Unix systems, has been reported. This flaw can allow attackers to compromise a system running a Samba server, giving the attacker root-level privileges on the affected system. Read more

  • Your department or college's IT support staff are the people to ask first whenever you have questions about computers, telephones, or online services.
  • See our Get Support page for additional sources of help.

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