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  • Kronos - electronic timecards for non-exempt staff
  • Workday - viewing and updating your benefits and work-related personal information, and recording time away (for exempt staff)

  • Who I Am - changing your directory listing and email preferences
  • EZ-Backup - automatically backing up your computer

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Performance: New menu bar and options at (Sep 4, 2015)

Microsoft has introduced a new menu bar and a few new options for Outlook on the (formerly known as Outlook Web App, or OWA). These changes affect only Outlook on the web, and not any of the applications installed on a computer, like Outlook 2013, Apple Mail, or other email applications. Most of the options were already available by right-clicking on an email, and right-clicking still works. One notable change is that the Reply button in the reading pane of a message defaults to "Reply all.” Anyone wishing to change this permanently to “Reply” can do so by signing in at, clicking the gear icon, and choosing Options. From the left-hand menu, select Reply Settings. Choosing Archive for the first time allows users to create or choose a folder to send a message to for archiving. From then on, applying Archive to a message will send it there. The Sweep feature is an easy way to handle all email from a particular address, either once or into the future. For many activities, like Delete, Archive, or Junk, there is now an Undo feature on the right side of the new menu bar. Undo does not apply to Sweep actions. Read more

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