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University Acceptance of Legal Papers

CIT processes and procedures related to University Policy 4.13

Originally Issued: December 2001
Most Recent Revision: October 2013


CIT Departmental Policy Statement

Cornell University faculty members, staff members, and students who are contacted by any individual attempting to serve university-related legal papers should direct the individual attempting to serve such a notice to the Office of University Counsel.

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CIT Implementation


Should an individual or individuals representing themselves as law enforcement agents approach you and ask you to provide the content of electronic communication or any information about users of or traffic on the Cornell network with or without any form of written authorization, do not disclose any information. Contact either the Director if IT Security or IT Policy. If both are unavailable, please contact the Vice President of Information Technologies. OIT will make the necessary communication to Counsel's Office.

Note: an oral or written request for documents is different from a warrant. A warrant allows for a search of the premises and the removal of certain specified items from the premise by law enforcement in their search for evidence of a probable cause crime. In the case of a warrant, which is a paper document so declaring itself as a search, DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE SEARCH. Allow the officers to conduct the search and as soon as is practicable contact your supervisor, Director, the Director of IT Security and/or Policy and/or the Vice President of Information Technologies. If a law enforcement agent insists that you provide him or her with information without a warrant, or without following this procedure, immediately call the CU Police and, if practicable, the Vice President of Information Technologies.

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Violations of this policy should be reported to your supervisor or director, or the Director of IT Policy.


University definitions are marked with an asterisk, all others are CIT definitions.

Term Definition
Legal papers A subpoena, administrative letter or any other written document presented by a law enforcement official purporting to have the authority to release university records.

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